Our Vision and Values

Driving the Future with Integrity and Innovation

Somic America’s vision is fueled by a relentless pursuit of progress and a steadfast adherence to core values. We are committed to the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, ensuring our products and processes evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of society and industry. Our team embodies integrity, safety, teamwork, and innovation, driving us forward as we patent new technologies and navigate the road ahead with purpose.

Kaizen: Making tomorrow better than today

Our company is always growing and shifting to meet the needs of our customers, our employees, and society as a whole. We embody the concept of Kaizen in everything we do, both practically and philosophically. Kaizen can be interpreted in a number of ways: making tomorrow better today, incremental changes adding up to a large impact, and constant evolution.

Practically, our staff is constantly challenged to identify ways of improving efficiency, implementing these solutions, and measuring its value. Philosophically, we work to reimagine the way people work, knowing that we get farthest when we play to our staff’s passions and skills. It’s not a question of what we do today, but of who we can be tomorrow.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Innovations Today

Somic America is evolving to meet society’s ever-changing needs. Today we specialize in steering components, but that is not our only capability. Somic Dynamics is an innovative internal think-tank, revolutionizing dampers. Our Somic Dynamics team holds over 6 patents in automotive technology. Our engineering team is an exciting group innovating solutions to problems well beyond the scope of steering components. Our identity as a visionary organization of motivated, supportive team members is the heart and soul of Somic, and drives us into the future together.

Guiding Core Values

At Somic America, our commitment to a brighter future is anchored in our core values: People, Teamwork, Integrity, Safety, and Innovation. These values shape our approach to every challenge and opportunity. We believe in the power of our people, fostering a culture where teamwork thrives on the foundation of integrity. Safety is paramount in all we do, ensuring a secure environment for our employees and customers alike. Innovation is our driving force, pushing us to continuously improve and lead the way in automotive excellence. Together, these values guide us in our mission to advance and prosper.