Machining and Assembly

From Forging to Finishing

Somic marries the highest standards of lean manufacturing with world-renowned Japanese processes. All precision machining takes place in-house, from forging to plating to assembly, allowing for immediate feedback and improvement.



Our comprehensive training program ensures that all staff are comfortable and competent, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards are met at all times. Whether new staff are operating a machine or leading a team, the onboarding process takes staff from instruction to implementation, with rigorous oversight and guidance. 


Our Machine Cells

Our highly sophisticated machine cells come from all over the world, and all have built-in quality measurements and checks. Operators are taught to manage the machines’ computers, perform tool changes, quality checks, and more. Operators may manage multiple machines simultaneously, keeping engagement strong and output high



Unlike many manufacturers, we run the process in-house from start to finish. With in-house plating we can maximize quality and minimize in process inventory.