Engineering the Future

Cutting Edge Design Meets
Manufacturing Excellence

At Somic America, our engineering and design philosophy embraces the synergy between innovation and experience. Utilizing advanced technologies like 3D printing and robotics, we refine manufacturing processes to enhance efficiency and minimize waste. Our dedicated team, a blend of fresh talent and seasoned professionals, is committed to pushing the boundaries of automation and precision, ensuring our products meet the evolving needs of our customers with unmatched quality.

Collaboration And Innovation At Its Best

As one of the most collaborative and supportive manufacturing engineering teams in our industry, we are constantly looking to grow and evolve. Innovation thrives when seasoned leaders embrace the newest team members’ fresh ideas and perspectives. In the words of our newest engineer “At Somic, no idea is lost or dismissed.”

Each of our machine cells has an engineer assigned as its lead, with other engineers and machine operators on the support team.

There is never a time down on the Gemba 現場 (the manufacturing floor) when you won’t see our engineers collaborating on a solution or improvement.

3D Printing

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the Somic America Engineering team designs and develops custom solutions in-house with 3D Printers. Additive Manufacturing creates tools that can replace previously machined tools with customizable, zero-waste products for pennies on the dollar.

Our engineers love the challenge of developing these solutions, and the reward of making things work better, cheaper, and more environmentally conscious.


Nearly every machine on the manufacturing floor utilizes one or more robots. These highly-sophisticated agents allow us to diversify our labor force. Core to our lean manufacturing practices, robots are evolving the nature of our work.

With human operators running multiple machines and handling all changing variables, our robots can do the dirty work- quite literally. Exposed to strong forces and chemicals, robots complete critical tasks with extreme accuracy, speed, and consistency… allowing us to work more efficiently and safely. Our engineering team is constantly working to push the boundaries of what our robots can do. The challenge is never-ending!

Technology and Innovation

We are on a constant quest to make more intelligent machines to meet evolving customer demands. If the market says jump, Somic asks how high?

This requires acute measurement and dynamic analysis to innovate solutions. Our team is constantly asking:

  • Can this be automated
  • Can this be measured?
  • Do my team members have any ideas?

Then we get to work…

“At Somic, no idea is lost or dismissed” – Joe, Engineer